Should Sellers Be Concerned About Interest Rate

Dated: 02/06/2017

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Considering Selling?  Are you concerned about interest rate volatility?

When you think interest rate, you typically think from a Buyers prospective..... right?  As a Seller, rate volatility can be a factor, yet will likely have no real impact in this present market.  Sure, interest rate volatility may impact the Buyer pool as it directly correlates to the cost of funds, and therefore Buyers ability, or even willingness to buy.  The most likely impact is going to be a Image title"thinning" of the Buyer pool as less qualified Borrowers will be perhaps priced out of the market for a period.  However, in our present market, there is NO shortage of qualified Borrowers looking for their next home.

More credit-worthy, qualified Borrowers/Buyers will still have the benefit of the best rate & terms available, and therefore will not likely be dissuaded  from purchasing by modest rate fluctuation.
Bottom line for Home Owners
considering the sale of their property in today's market; now is a good time to sell!
One of the many benefits of working with a Russell Realty Solutions listing expert, is the Partnership between Russell Realty and All Western Mortgage. This Partnership, and the one-stop real estate shop it establishes ensures that your Home, once listed will benefit from superior market exposure to a pool of well qualified, AWM approved borrowers.
No other Agency can offer the true listing and Home marketing expertise, combined with a ready-made pool of highly qualified Buyers!  We are Russell Realty Solutions; how can we assist YOU today?

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