Glaring Similarities Between The Eclipse And Home Buying

Dated: 08/20/2017

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So are you ready for the solar eclipse? It's happening Monday, August 21st.  In our area it won't be a total eclipse. It will only be a banana eclipse.  10:17AM will be your prime viewing time. But, it is a big deal because the last time we could view a total eclipse on the US Mainland was 1979. But, buying a home in this hot market is very similar to being prepared to watch the solar eclipse and I’m going to tell you why.

To view the solar eclipse, you've got to be prepared. You’ve probably heard a lot of people frantically trying to find these solar eclipse glasses. I know people that drove over an hour away to buy these special glasses.  I also know people that were willing to pay up to $50 a pair for solar eclipse viewing glasses that normally cost $1.  There’s going to be quite a few people who simply can’t get a pair in time for the eclipse. People who just waited too long to get them.

To see the eclipse safely, you need to be prepared by having your solar eclipse glasses. To buy a home in any market but especially this market you need to prepared too by being pre-approved for a mortgage loan.  You should consult in advance with a great lender that can close your loan quickly and a great realtor that can negotiate a good deal for you.

Next, to see the eclipse, once you get your glasses, you have to get out there at the right time and look at the eclipse. In this case 10:00am to 10:30am on August 21st.  You can't wait around until the next day because you will have missed the solar eclipse. To see the next eclipse of this kind you will have to wait until April 8th of 2024. On the home buying side, once you are pre-approved and have a good realtor you need to make time to get out there and look at homes. In a hot market, it doesn't pay to wait. You sometimes need to be ready to go out and see homes the day they hit the market or maybe within hours or minutes of them hitting the market.

Lastly, if you aren’t prepared and still try to look at the solar eclipse with your naked eyes, you’re gonna get burned,  It’s called photochemical toxicity. Read about it.  You don’t want it. Consequently, in this hot real estate market you do not want to get burned.  But, you will if you are not prepared. Get your finances, loan and realtor in place – or your solar glasses.  Two, get out there and see some homes now. This is your timing just like being able to view the solar eclipse.  And, three don’t get burned.  Follow the right instructions and you will be able view the solar eclipse and enjoy it.  When it comes to the housing market you will get the home of your dreams if you follow this advice instead of waiting for the next time around.

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