Buyer Demand Is Strong

Dated: 02/01/2017

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As I was walking around some neighborhoods, one thing stood out. No, it wasn't the architecture, nor the pretty landscaped areas. It was a lack of For Sale signs. A few years ago, we would see those signs everywhere.  During that time, it was a Buyer's market.  Homes were being snatched by investor or cash buyers.

Last year, there was more Buyers than Sellers in the market place.  It was a great year for Sellers. This year shows no slowing down in the demand section. Demand from buyers is still going strong. The one roadblock that some home buyer encounters is the lack of homes on the market. The supply in California isn't strong and it is one of the reasons why home prices are still going up. 

Here's an article showing which part of the US where the Buyer/Seller traffic is the strongest and weakest. As you can see, Buyers are strong in CA and yet the Seller traffic is weak.

Image title

Image title

If you are thinking if this year would be a good year to sell, the answer is YES! Your chances of selling your home at top dollar and quickly are much higher in this type of Market. This is your change to UPGRADE to a bigger home or DOWNSIZE and keep that equity in the bank! 

For Buyers, a good Realtor will find you that home with your price point. Income tax is coming up. That could be your down payment for a home! Call me at (916) 350-0602 or email me at [email protected] I can help you ACHIEVE your GOALS for 2017! I am here to help and serve my community. 

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